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TV ASAHI on IKIGAMI NEWS Report with an appearance by Carédeau on December 2, 2023.

Don’t miss the meeting on 2/12/23 on Ikigami News this Saturday! Excerpt to come!

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BFM Ile de France x Carédeau with journalist Virgillia Hess on Planete Locale

On the BFM set, journalists discuss this fashion for ecological packaging and Carédeau is invited to dance with them. Watch the recording here:

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LES ECHOS START: A Christmas still magical, but with less waste.

An extract from the article published on LES ECHOS START by the journalist Laura Makary : Faced with mountains of single-use paper, consumed then immediately thrown away, new solutions are...

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Community Articles

If you like design but in eco-responsible, zero-waste mode... that's good, so do we!

Everything you need to know about Furoshiki art

he ancient art of furoshiki is much more than just a wrapping method. It is a tribute to Japanese elegance, sustainability and innovation, and a celebration of the marriage of...

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Everything you need to know about recycled cotton...

Recycled cotton, as its name suggests, is obtained from used textiles or post-industrial cotton waste. These materials are collected, sorted and then transformed into reusable cotton fibers. This ingenious process...

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Rethinking the Advent calendar

Article by Kawaii, the ninja mom. Of Germanic origin, the Advent calendar appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, Protestant families used to distribute pious images...

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