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Everything you need to know about Furoshiki art
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Everything you need to know about Furoshiki art

The Traditional Elegance of Furoshiki: A Timeless Japanese Art

In Japan's rich and captivating history, the delicate art of furoshiki has flourished, blending elegance and pragmatism for centuries.

Origin of Furoshiki

The origin of furoshiki dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868) in Japan. At that time, furoshiki, literally translated as "spreading the bath", was used to carry and wrap clothes during visits to public baths. Made from silk fabrics, furoshiki was a symbol of refinement, used by the wealthy classes to wrap their precious possessions.

Art of Ecological Packaging

Today, furoshiki embodies the very essence of ecology and versatility. Made from durable and reusable fabrics, it has become the epitome of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Using simple but creative folding techniques, furoshiki can be made into bags, gift wrap, decorations or even fashion accessories.

Furoshiki and Carédeau

At Carédeau, we celebrate the timeless art of furoshiki by adapting it to our modern times. Our fabric collection evokes elegance and sustainability, offering our customers the opportunity to rediscover the beauty and practicality of furoshiki while preserving our environment.

The ancient art of furoshiki is much more than just a wrapping method. It is a tribute to Japanese elegance, sustainability and innovation, and a celebration of the marriage of tradition and modernity.



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