Are the collections renewed often?

A design lover, Carédeau has created new designs every season since 2019.

Is Carédeau made of 100% cotton?

Many furoshiki products are mixed with synthetic fibers like polyester. But here at Carédeau, we do not want to add this plastic fiber, which is in fact treated with many chemical substances and non-biodegradable (Read article: Why plastic has a very negative impact on our health ). We will therefore prefer natural pieces and 100% cotton. Moreover, we are launching the 2023 collection in October with the commitment that recycled cotton (at least 20% recycling), certified by the RCS (Recycled Blended Claims Standard).

How is the recycled cotton used by Carédeau made?

You must first collect old cotton clothes from associations or with scraps of fabric from clothing workshops. The scraps are then sorted by color and composition then crushed to return them to fiber state.

These recycled fibers are then mixed with virgin cotton fibers before being spun. Ultimately, to maintain its silky quality, a recycled cotton thread for Carédeau is therefore made up of 80% virgin fibers.

Made in France ?

Each Carédeau model was designed and designed in France. But as France is not a leading cotton producing country, cotton for Carédeau was not born in France.

As for French production, from 2022, the luxury satin collection will be made-in-France, made in a workshop in Comines.

But for what I want to convey with the idea of ​​democratizing reusable gift paper fashion and making it accessible to as many people as possible, we have kept part of the manufacturing in Asia for the range which remains accessible to all.

Do we collect the Carédeau from the person to whom we give the gift?

We encourage our customers to adopt the same mindset as if we were bringing a dish in a Tupperware to our friends/family. We collect it without embarrassment... Same for a Carédeau. It's new in Europe, but in Asia yes we are recovering it.

I see a chicken...?

Yes, it's a bet with a friend. In each tile there is a “cool” chicken. Up to you. From 2022, in more refined designs, the hen has left an egg in its place!