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1. Premium Design

Our Carédeau stands out for its chic and premium design. Its fine texture avoids thick knots, providing an elegant and precious finish. All our ranges are 100% cotton, 0% plastic.

2. Accessible to All

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of Carédeau, designed in cotton to be accessible to all. We believe in the democratization of elegance, and that is why our product is within everyone's reach. (Instead of repurchasing the rolls every year, reuse me!)

3. Ease of Use

Carédeau simplifies your life as an alternative to paper. The monochrome range does not slip, making it easy to fold and use. Elegance becomes that simple.



All our collections are made from 100% cotton, but with 2 different weaves:

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OUR 1 KEY IDEA: fight against 20,000 tonnes of gift wrapping waste

Winnie Dujeu-Loh, the founder of Carédeau, dreams of a world without waste. In 2019, she was stunned to learn that 20,000 tonnes of gift wrapping is thrown away during the Christmas period.

A designer by training, the Frenchwoman decided to tackle this problem by creating a solution that combines the aesthetics of paper and the durability of reusable packaging.

To imagine the Carédeau concept, she was inspired by her childhood in Malaysia: her lunch was wrapped in a fabric in the style of furoshiki. “It was a pragmatic and unstylized approach, a far cry from the modern lunchboxes for today's children! », she remembers with tenderness.

This childhood memory pushed her to create an elegant and ecological product: this is how, in 2019, Carédeau was born.

Our News

Here we share what the media are talking about us, and we're pretty proud!

TV ASAHI on IKIGAMI NEWS Report with an appearance by Carédeau on December 2, 2023.

Don’t miss the meeting on 2/12/23 on Ikigami News this Saturday! Excerpt to come!

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BFM Ile de France x Carédeau with journalist Virgillia Hess on Planete Locale

On the BFM set, journalists discuss this fashion for ecological packaging and Carédeau is invited to dance with them. Watch the recording here:

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LES ECHOS START: A Christmas still magical, but with less waste.

An extract from the article published on LES ECHOS START by the journalist Laura Makary : Faced with mountains of single-use paper, consumed then immediately thrown away, new solutions are...

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