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Numerous TUTORIALS for making your own homemade barrier mask
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Numerous TUTORIALS for making your own homemade barrier mask

On March 27, AFNOR (French Standardization Association) published a guide to requirements for the manufacture of barrier masks. It is a 36-page document (Afnor Spec S76-001) highlighting the various tests and decisions in the design of barrier masks. In summary, AFNOR recommends the use of 100% cotton fabric, with tight weaves (more than 130 threads), without making vertical seams along the nose. Here is a screenshot of his summary in:

Since then, numerous tutorials based on this guide have been published, sometimes with improvements following feedback from the health teams to whom we give these masks. To get started, read Beréngere on her blog Couture et Paillettes https://coutureetpaillette She highlighted the many advantages of making masks with an opening to add filters (tissue, coffee filters, vacuum cleaner filters).

If you are looking for tutorials, here is a rather easy version to make via Atelier des Gourdes .

Carédeau converted his gift wrap using the AFNOR pattern (20x20cm) with an opening on the back for filters. For the front, nothing has to change but on the back, two pieces of 20x7 instead of a single piece.



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