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How did you spend Christmas?
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How did you spend Christmas?

Christmas with children is always a great time, especially when they still believe in Santa Claus! Did Santa Claus come to your house on the evening of December 24? Or on the night of the 25th? So how did you drop off the gifts discreetly, without arousing suspicion, and without breaking the magic of Christmas? Tell us about it here? Also discover some photos of our Caredeau at home. Here we spent Christmas Eve with family. On Christmas morning, the children opened their presents placed at the foot of the Christmas tree installed in the living room, next to the fireplace. My son was very relieved that Santa received his letter and the gift wrappers that Santa ordered arrived on time. Despite the branches of the tree bending under the weight of the luminous balls and the very cliché multicolored garlands, it's the favorite moment that we wait for every year. A child's eyes shining when he discovers the gift he has been hoping for is a magical moment...

The photo of our living room:

And coming from you, here is Jessica (thank you!!) who shares with us the passage of Santa Claus:

Here is the creation of Stephanie (St Cloud) who experimented with different furoshiki techniques:

And the family of Agnés (Rueil Malmaison) who found the lovely surprises under the tree:

And if you have other magic to share, this page is for you. 😍



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