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Publications on Carédeau: throwback
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Publications on Carédeau: throwback

First of all, a big thank you because since its launch, Carédeau has received a lot of encouragement and very positive feedback. I was able to meet a large number of friends thanks to these exchanges!

Well, these are not this year's publications but as I was not able to share these articles last year, here are the journalists and bloggers who trusted me and shared this eco-responsible idea to be adopted by everyone. Please note: these are all unpaid publications!

Let's start with the presence of Carédeau next to Charlotte Gainsbourg (am a fan!) on Elle in December 2020.

On Fémina by Elsa Rouden with emphasis on original packaging methods!

The Modern Man by our charming Guillaume:

On My Zen Family by Ludovic Bischoff :

h ttps://

On LuxuryTouch by Corinne Sadaunne:

On 'Good Gift Plan' of What Women Think:

On Aurélie's very charming blog

On Maud's blog who shared her Christmas finds: hommes-et-femmes/

... To be continued ...



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