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Wrapping with a square of fabric, easy?
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Wrapping with a square of fabric, easy?

Absolutely fastidious! Need nothing!

Goodbye to the roll of tape and its dispenser that scratches your fingers. Goodbye to the pieces of tape that twist around themselves and end up in your hair (yes of course, it helps if you're bald, they end up in the trash faster).

Goodbye scissors. Those which are used to free you from tape but also to cut the wrapping paper. Have you ever gotten seasick while cutting your roll of wrapping paper? Seriously, I do! I had made so many waves in the paper that I thought I was in the middle of the ocean... on a stormy day!

No need for your ruler or square to have nice right angles either. And above all, you no longer need your scientific calculator to calculate the right amount of paper. Besides, I never knew how to use this type of instrument. This is probably why Step-Maman always has a gift with packaging that is too small... which leaves the price clearly visible... to which I discreetly add an additional figure... But shush! It's a secret!

And above all, no need for a second roll of wrapping paper in case you tear the first one. You know what I'm talking about, when you've almost finished wrapping your gift, you're about to put down the last piece of tape and then - smack! - the paper tears. Usually it's at a corner, exactly where you can't cheat by adding a small patch of paper. I called this phenomenon "soccer ball syndrome", because only a strictly round object escapes this rule. But hey, it's difficult to give a soccer ball to Grandma or to a 15-year-old who spends her life watching makeup tutorials.

Also, if you are like that, and find yourself spending more time each year wrapping your gifts than digesting Mother-in-law's Christmas meal, adopt fabric squares. With them, packaging becomes a real pleasure again. Perfect right angles. Rigorously geometric squares. Dimensions standardized according to studies carried out by NASA on Mars and Jupiter. Resistance tested and approved by a small dog and a chicken. What happiness, I tell you!

You only need to tie two corners of the fabric together. No need to tie a sailor's knot that will resist force 10, no no! it is a simple knot. Or even double for the more adventurous among you. And here you are, yellow furoshiki belt!

Admit that it’s still simple! From now on, you no longer have any excuses not to adopt these little squares of fabric! Come on, go furoshik me with all these beautiful Christmas gifts!

- Article contributed by Kawaii 🥷🏻



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