Set of 3 Reusable Recycled Cotton Gift Wrapping Adventurous Family Pack

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The Enigma of Adventures Immerse yourself in the enigma of French adventure with the Aventureux family pack from Carédeau, including three 100% cotton furoshiki wrappers with elegant designs inspired by Jules Verne. Model L, 'Pole Nord', recalls our lucky star, forming elegant furoshiki knots. The M model, 'Les Paons aux Plumes Dorées', evokes the exotic peacocks that we come across during adventurous discoveries. Finally, the S model, inspired by Art Nouveau covers from the era of Jules Verne, adds a touch of elegance. Wrap your gifts with incomparable mystery and chic.

Each Carédeau from the Monochrome Recycled Cotton Collection is certified by RSC (Recycled Standard).