The Raven and the Fox 55x55cm 100% Cotton

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And hello, Mr. Crow.
How pretty you are! you look so gorgeous to me !
Without lying, if your prattling
Refers to your plumage,
You are the Phoenix of the hosts of these woods.

Carédeau revisits this tale from Jean de la Fontaine's famous collection, a story that continues from generation to generation.

Carédeau presents our 2022 collection with "Vent du Nord", here printed in gold on Midnight Blue color, with a stiffer texture which is closer to paper foliage and which wishes you a year full of great adventures.

Carédeau is a gift square made of fabric with festive patterns, intended for wrapping your gifts. The monochrome collection is 100% made of matte cotton, responsible and sustainable, exists in 3 dimensions and is created in France for young and old.