Carédeau Luxury Satin Reusable Gift Wrap: The deer seeing itself in the water - Furoshiki Size M

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Carédeau Luxe Satin Collection reusable gift paper highlights satin in 100% cotton, 265 thread count, woven with one thread above and three threads below. Finer, silkier and slightly heavier than other textiles, this textile transforms gifts into responsible works of art. This collection is handmade in a workshop in Comines. In this design, the richness of colors and poetry evoke La Fontaine's masterpiece, "The Deer Seeing Itself in the Water." The poetry exalts the shimmering compliments of a deer, creating a work of art whose elegance is inspired by nature.

100% made of cotton satin, silky, responsible and durable, measuring 55 cm by 55 cm, created in France, for young and old.